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Wistron has established CS2R (Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility) management system to cover environmental, social and economic aspects to pursue sustainability and fulfill social responsibility, by which is composed of five corresponding management systems in response to the five key issues of social responsibility, occupational safety and health, environmental protection, green products , and quality, as well as corresponding sub-policies.  
   Wistron Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CS2R) Policy
Wistron is committed to establishing a Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility Management System. To suitably uphold stakeholders’ rights and interests, Wistron will adhere to ethical standards exceeding local legal requirements as we continuously develop high-quality green products/services and focus on the environment, employee health and safety, and human rights.
    Social Accountability Policy
Wistron is committed to fulfilling our social responsibility.  Our company will continue complying with related international regulations and local policies, safeguarding and advancing employees’ rights and benefits, and building an overall healthy, safe and ethical operating environment.
    Occupational Health and Safety Policy
As a world leading Technology Service Provider (TSP) in the information and communication industry, Wistron is well aware of the our Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) hazards and risks in the workplace that are affecting the well-being of all persons (including employees, temporary workers, contractor personnel, visitors, and any other persons) working under the control of the company. Focused on preventing injury and ill health, we commit to establish an OH&S management system ensuring a healthy, injury-free environment for employees
    Environment Policy
As a world leading Technology Service Provider (TSP) in the information and communication industry, Wistron recognizes that its activities, products and services may impact the environment. To minimize such impact, we are committed to the zero usage of restricted and banned materials and substances, to the conservation of energy associated with the development and production of our products and their use, and to the implementation of recycling programs for all our key wastes. Through our green product program, careful selection of raw materials and suppliers will allow us to actively promote pollution reduction by adopting Earth-friendly technologies wherever feasible.
    Green Product Policy
In order to reduce products' impact on the environment during the product life cycle, Wistron utilizes innovative "green" product concepts: design for recycling and reuse, energy saving and carbon reduction, material reduction, and elimination of hazardous substances.  Wistron complies with international regulations, directives, and customer requirements and is dedicated to simplification of design, production, and processes so as to produce environmentally friendly products.
    Quality Policy
To deliver defect-free, competitive products and services to our customers on time.


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