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Employee representation meeting  

As a major producer of electronic products and an operator of large facilities we should pay special attention to those areas which impact our environment. Of particular importance is ?esign for environment??(DFE) aspects which could significantly decrease products environmental impact.

RoHS laboratory

We operate across many countries meaning we should consider how to contribute to local communities. We recognize the overall health of local communities is important to us and hope our support can help us build strong local relationships.
Eco park sponsorship  
While Wistron is designing products and services, at the some time we are also affecting and influencing our environment. From fair treatment of our employees to diligent and continuous concern for our environment, both at the global and local levels, Wistron has the power to be a positive factor to improve our world. Wistron aims to not only be an professional designer of products, but also a designer of programs to protect and improve our world.


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