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Wistron focuses on product development for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products, including mobile and desktop systems, servers and storage, IA, as well as networking and communications products.
The entire Wistron organization -- from its vast engineering teams and IT systems to its extensive technical operating infrastructure -- is aimed at supporting customers' requirements in the ICT field. The focus on ICT products means that Wistron's customers utilize Wistron to develop industry-leading products using innovative designs reaching high technical and quality standards.  
From initial conceptualization on through to NPI and after-sales service, Wistron's engineers work closely with customers and other industry partners. Close collaboration ensures that suitable technology is incorporated into each design and that volume manufacturing standards are clearly understood and met early in the design phase. Each product has a support force of many engineering teams organized to ensure a thorough,product engineering platform is established.

Wistron's strong engineering teams develop leading, yet practical, technology to increase product functionality. At the same time, Wistron maintains close working relationships with the industry's best suppliers of technology and components. Utilizing our experience to incorporate the most suitable technology means we can often develop products that match or exceed the market and our customers' expectations. Wistron's focus on ICT products directly translates into value for our customers.


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