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While pursuing strong business growth and productivity, Wistron also strives to fulfill its business philosophy of “benefiting others”. In year 2010, “Wistron Foundation” was established, and Wistron Corporation Chairman and CEO, Simon Lin, holds the Chairman position of Wistron Foundation.

Wistron Foundation was established to fulfill Wistron Corporation’s social responsibility, which includes playing an active role in environmental protection, maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and improving the human condition. Within these objectives, we are most concerned with promoting the importance of sustainability and forging a harmony between humanity and nature. We strive to inject our technical products with a deep respect for life and nature. In doing so, we further the human spirit within our corporate culture. For our associates, such as employees, suppliers, investors, government agencies and non-profit organizations, we wish to promote Wistron's positive corporate image and influence by sponsoring and involving a variety of public welfare campaigns. As an organization, we strive to encourage others to become environmentally responsible global citizens and together achieve sustainability through the preservation of nature’s balance.


For more information please visit the website of Wistron Foundation.



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