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Wistron provides comprehensive, in-depth, integrated design services. Various experienced design teams work together from the initial product conceptualization phase on through NPI for transition to our manufacturing centers. Design services are conducted in-house with a combination of industry standard and Wistron-designed equipment and technology. Our focus on ICT products allows Wistron's talented engineering base to focus on the related skill sets, technology, processes and equipment used to support our customer needs and remain a leader for product development in this industry.
  Early in the design process Wistron's design philosophy and process flow includes design for manufacturing (DFM), design for test (DFT), as well as design for service (DFS) elements. This means that Wistron's design cycle includes and integates as much as possible all engineering tasks from product concept development to all related and prototyping and testing teams, as well as incorporating necessary after-sales service teams requirements.
Incorporating of DFM, DFT and DFS elements as early as possible into the product development life cycle facilitates the subsequent manufacturing processes. NPI for transition to our manufacturing centers is streamlined as many potential obstacles are managed early in the process. In addition, we increase customer confidence in the overall product design feasibility and schedule for volume production.


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