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Wistron's Industrial Design teams are part of the initial teams brought in to support our customers. Wistron role is to understand every aspect of the overall product direction. From this understanding, Wistron addresses all related engineering challenges, such as material/styling considerations, component selection, functionality (e.g. wireless features), testing challenges, volume manufacturing stress, packaging and environmental impact.
Customers rely on Wistron to provide a variety of design related engineering services to match their product development requirements. Wistron's in-house capabilities include all aspects of product conceptualization on through to prototyping. Wistron's teams provide a range of services including comprehensive thermal, power, structural and reliability engineering services customized for ICT products.
Branded suppliers of electronics products are now introducing more market-oriented products which must meet higher customer demands in a variety of areas. Now, more than ever, products must utilize the proper design for ergonomics, aesthetics and sometimes simply feature uniqueness from a market segmentation point of view.

Fashionable appearance combined with robust features is now essential. Wistron ID teams have the full range of product development experience for commercial and consumer products. This allows for quick and practical interaction with customers to find the perfect design that matches their market requirements.
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