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Wistron quality policy

To deliver defect-free, competitive products and services to our customers on time.

Quality management system

As a world leading Technology Service Provider (TSP) in the information and communication industry, Wistron follows the ISO spirit of :say what you do and do what you say; and integrates the implementation of PDCA cycle into our daily operation to ensure quality policy is thoroughly executed.

Wistron product quality management system places strong emphasis on the integration of product design quality assurance and manufacturing quality control, together with failure prevention in mind as the central idea. For the part of design quality assurance; in order to design a product that is capable of fulfilling customer・s requirements, in early design stage, customer requirements are first organized then deployed functionally to design requirements so design parameters and parts specification can be throughout determined. Later on, by conducting a series of well defined internal and external verification tests that are provided by various design support functions--such as PCB layout verification, reliability verification, OS, communication and digital broadcasting certification and regulation certification--customer・s expectations on product design can be fully fulfilled. For manufacturing quality control, with the application of risk assessment and management, statistical process control and acceptance sampling, product variations are minimized and shipping quality is guaranteed in the most economical way. As for continuous improvement, production yield and market feedback is discussed in regular quality meetings conducted by functional teams to complete the quality improvement cycle.

Electronic design automation

Electronic design automation provides printed circuit board design support guidelines and validation. In the early design stage, production requirements and product specifications are integrated into the design requirement plan. A standard parts library is then established and linked with impedance simulation, knowledge of special material stack-up and panelizing to generate PCB manufacturing best practice. With the aid of self-developed EDA tools, the designer will be able to validate those PCB quality characteristics, such as signal noise concurrent with design progress. In design completion stage, a quantitative DRC report is generated for the designer to make necessary design corrections. Furthermore, using the inputs from production yield and market feedback on failure cases, failure causes are analyzed and root causes identified, followed by implementing the countermeasures and updating the knowledge base to complete the continuous improvement cycle.

Reliability engineering

Product reliability validating activities are introduced at the initial concept stage by taking into account the characteristics and functional requirements of each individual product. By collaborating with the R&D department, the FMEA method is utilized with reliability failure model constructed and risk assessed in order to minimize the potential risk of product failure. Through the application of reliability test plan in product validation stage, various simulations are targeted to test product functionality, user operations, transportation and storage environments. Combined with the failure analysis capabilities of our engineers, engineering changes can be quickly implemented to improve product reliability. After mass production, on-going reliability tests (ORT) are conducted on a regular basis to ensure products are delivered with high reliability. As for continuous improvement, market feedback is analyzed to determine the true root causes and, with the help of statistical modeling technique, product survival rates are further analyzed and becomes the basis of refining reliability model parameters.
Wistron・s reliability engineering division has set up reliability laboratory research centers and quality engineering laboratories in Taiwan headquarter and world wide manufacturing sites. This allows flexibility in adjusting overseas laboratory resources and promotes a mutually supportive system.

Product certification engineering

Wistron provides product certification and offer professional technical consulting services. For product certification during development stage, we strictly follow related certification requirements to ensure fully product compatibility. For consulting service, Wistron is capable of providing information service for time-to-market and technology trends based on international association recognized standards for operating system, communication, digital broadcasting, and audio and video interface.
Armed with a unique product certification engineering team and equipped with an authorized certification test lab, Wistron has the strong capability to provide customer support and service in understanding future technologies and guarantee certifications are approved for enhancing product marketability.

EMC and safety engineering

Wistron・s regulatory certification services provide product design support in EMC, product safety, wireless communication, environment and power saving of worldwide certification. In the early stage of product design, a complete product design guideline is established according to worldwide product regulations, customer specific requirements, product type and certification categories in order to assist design engineer in reviewing the design of circuit layout, mechanical enclosures and electrical and mechanical subassemblies. In the design verification stage, products are tested and verified in accordance with the worldwide regulations to ensure the design quality meets customer expectations. In addition, design guidelines are reviewed and updated continuously based on the inputs from production and market audit via periodical project review to prevent error recurrence.
Wistron also has the certification lab which is fully compliant with international regulations and is certified by international regulatory agency. This certified lab provides internal product design verification support and external service of regulation application. In nearly two hundred countries in the world, Wistron has established good application channels and experience in order to help our customers・ products to obtain certification on time.


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