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Wistron utilizes a full suite of industry standard testing equipment to ensure durability, strength and reliability. Tests ensure that all aspects of product development are thoroughly analyzed. Our testing facilities allow us and our customers to validate the design and feasibility of manufacturing the product prototype. Comprehensive in-process testing during the product development stage means early detection of necessary engineering changes to meet customers' reliability requirements.
In addition to standard rigorous testing procedures, our testing engineers design unique product-specific testing equipment and processes. A focus on ICT products means Wistron accumulates valuable testing experience allowing Wistron to pinpoint areas of potential problems in specific types of products. In this way, Wistron can match or exceed our customers standards for product reliability.
The overall goal is to increase speed-to-market with high-yield manufacturing, while decreasing future failures in the field. Early detection and correction of defects in the early stages of product development can lead to significant reductions in problems during volume manufacturing, as well as a reduction in service costs due to high failure rates and warranty costs.
Large-scale testing equipment
P Temperature and humidity chambers
P Shock, package drop, vibration equipment    Video
P Semi-anechoic chamber
P ESD and electromagnetics immunity test room
P Thermal shock tester
P Walk-in temperature and humidity chamber
P 10-meter EMC compliance test chamber
P RF device test chamber and network analyzer
Reliability/Environmental testing
P Sound pressure and sound power acoustics
P Recording and playback performance of audio system
P Surge immunity test
P Power on/off tests
P Electrical fast transient / Burst immunity test
P Voltage dips and short interruption immunity test
P Electrostatic discharge immunity test
P EMC test
P Harmonic current emission test
P Thermal profile measurement
P Temperature and humidity tests
P Mechanical durability tests
P DC margin test
P Complex margin test
P Line voltage/frequency test
P Air flow evaluation     Video     Video  
P Altitude test
P Torture tests (bake, spill, free drop)


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