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General notes:

Financial reports prior to February 2002 are on a pro-forma basis. Wistron began audited financial reporting as of February 2002.

Taiwan companies use financial year from 1 January to 31 December.
Wistron financial reports are available on the Taiwan Stock
Exchange site at Some financial reports are also available in this website. Instructions for accessing Wistron financial reports are shown below.

  Viewing Wistron website financial reports

To view financial reports use the links shown on the left links bar. To view these files your computer needs Adobe Acrobat software. You may download this software by using the Acrobat Reader link.
Viewing Taiwan Stock Exchange financial reports

More reports are available on Taiwan Stock Exchange website:

To view current Wistron financial data on the Taiwan Stock Exchange website:
1) Go to
2) Choose "English"
3) Choose "Listed Companies"
4) Choose "Listed Companies" (usually the default selection)
5) To find Wistron either a)select "W" to search for Wistron and/or b)or type in the company code (3231).
6) If use a) above then click on company code 3231
7) After Wistron appears in data box on right, then choose from above menu selections (Profiles, Announcements, Statistics)

1) Be careful when choosing menu selections as data box on right may not stay within Wistron corporation but jump back to companies beginning with "A". To return to Wistron type in company code again and when Wistron reappears click on company code 3231.
2) Chinese language data exceeds English language data.



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