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Wistron has a long history of strong manufacturing services. We offer a full suite of industry - leading manufacturing services, from PCB assembly,
sub-systems assembly, system integration (including CTO/BTO product assembly) to all related in-process quality assurance testing. The manufacturing process for the world's most respected brand name products are coordinated amongst several plants on different continents.
Experience means that Wistron can seamlessly integrate the product development stages with the required manufacturing processes to create an efficient NPI process. Wistron knows the many concerns of our customers, so we developed a manufacturing process and IT infrastructure based on a flexible, efficient approach to manage our customers' changing requirements.
All processes are managed by a robust shop floor control system (SFCS) that allows constant monitoring and corrections. Through our Order Tracking System (OTS) customers track products down to component levels.The links between customers and Wistron provide the necessary information flow to maximize the production process efficiency. This enhances our customers' overall product introduction planning as well as preparations for the after-sales servicing of products upon reaching the marketplace.


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