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In-process quality assurance processes at the manufacturing level ensure that Wistron is able to execute the production plan as scheduled while meeting the quality expectations of our customers. The testing process starts with close examination of in-coming components to ensure supplier quality and ends with OOBA final assembled and packaged sample testing. In between, a full suite of standard industry tests is implemented along with Wistron-designed testing stations that exceed our customers' normal requirements.
Wistron testing processes were developed through years of experience in manufacturing ICT products. At every stage of the manufacturing process a battery of tests confirms that original product designs are accurately met and that any in-process manufacturing problems are quickly corrected.
Leading edge tools, methods, and expertise combine to provide the in-depth analyses required to detect board/component defects and volume manufacturing specific problems for ICT products. Determining the root cause of failures, QA engineers help to eliminate the potential for similar problems occurring in the future and improve overall manufacturing standards.
Quality management programs
íP XCSA (Extended Customer Simulation Audit)
íP OOBA (Out-of-box audit)
íP FMEA (Failure mode effects analysis)
íP TQM (total quality management)
íP ORT (on-going reliability test)
íP DQA (design quality assurance)
íP DVT (design verification testing
íP SQM (supplier quality management)
íP CIP (continuous improvement program)
Testing applications
íP PCB test
íP ICT (in-circuit tester)
íP ATE (auto test equipment)
íP Fly probe
íP AXI (automated x-ray inspection)
íP AOI (automated optical inspection)    Video
íP Functional test
íP System integration test
íP Pre-Run-in test
íP Run-in test
íP Final test
íP Wireless & Telecom
íP Communication Test
íP Multiple S/W platform
íP ESS (environmental stress screening)


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