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Wistron plays a key role in understanding and controlling each step in the entire supply chain. Through a highly integrated project management process flow, sophisticated IT systems and close management / knowledge of component suppliers, Wistron helps ensure optimum utilization and efficiency of the supply chain. Thus, customers are confident that product development on through to volume manufacturing and after-sales service is well-managed.
Even with the use of integrated components, the total number of components to be managed for each product can be staggering. And with shrinking life cycles more products are entering the market at ever increasing speeds. Servicing our customers from different manufacturing centers and managing the supply hubs around the globe adds to the complexity. Our customers increasingly rely on Wistron to work closely with them to develop the optimum component planning and final system delivery, as well as the on-going, future component supplies for supporting the after-sales service function.
Wistron's set of IT platforms are integrated into our overall supply chain management system and our customer's product development cycle¡Xan example is our Wistron Order Management System (WOMS). For suppliers, our Wistron e-Procurement Portal (WSRM) and Supplier Corrective Action Report (SCAR) supports linkage and feedback with our suppliers' system for efficient component management. Other IT systems, such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Product Data Management System and Manufacturing Information Center (MIC), serve as the back-bone for information flow to related parties for overall manufacturing control.


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