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Top-level objectives for customer support include improving product service repair turnaround times, maintaining short- to long-term spare parts planning systems, and creating efficient and easily managed information databases at all levels of the service chain. Technology, experience and a practical approach are used to meet these objectives. Customers benefit by lowering their overall involvement, and thus cost, in the service cycle of activities.
Wistron meets service objectives with integrated IT systems created to support personnel worldwide, as well as other Wistron departments involved at various stages of the service supply chain. Extensive information databases are linked to all RMA service centers, RTV operations, warehouses, and repair centers, as well as all related logistics teams. Repair orders, current repair status, end-user information, and testing results are parts of the integrated and comprehensive repair control flow available for daily review or periodic summary analysis.

Customers have access to Wistron's service IT systems through customized service support web pages. Meanwhile, Wistron's service teams can provide the necessary EDI links to customers' call centers, as well as their existing ASPs, in order to exchange the daily data necessary for prompt, efficient and cost effective repair operations. Transparent, detailed information is tailored to fit into the service management processes of all of the repair related parties at all levels. This not only allows our customers to audit the performance of Wistron and local ASPs, but also provides the necessary data for customers to fine-tune their own service-related operations.
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