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Wistron's after-sales service programs cover various levels of the service process chain. These programs are offered to our OEM customers, as well as to outside customers wishing Wistron to support non-Wistron produced products. Wistron's flexibility and experience allows us to either fit into our customers' existing service process chain to provide support where needed or take control and manage various layers of the chain.
For OEM customers, we work closely with customer's product development teams to understand and suggest a future service repair program. The overall goal is to create the strongest service program possible which can be supported adequately at product launch time, during product warranty periods and even beyond warranty periods. For non-OEM customers, Wistron can diagnose and repair faulty products that it did not originally produce, providing needed emergency support or standard long-term service planning and coverage.
Programs are customized to fit specific products and markets. Wistron's programs include full repair capability, reverse logistics, warehouse management, documentation support, training materials, and EDI linkage with comprehensive IT solutions. Program business model coverage includes FRU and CRU services, hub management and depot repair services. Wistron's engineering teams also manage the special requests, such as specific testing and repair processes, identified by customers as necessary to meet their changing requirements.
Service business models
íP Hub-to-hub FRU (field replaceable unit) swap service
íP Hub to ASP/TPM (third party management) FRU swap service
íP CRU (customer replaceable unit) service 
íP Hub-to-hub system (batch swap service)
íP Depot A to A service (original repair, swap, mail-in/carry-in)
íP Outsourced Service (for non-Wistron made products)


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