About Wistron

Sustainability Through Innovation

Wistron Corporation is a global leading technology service provider, supplying innovative ICT (information and communications technology) products, service solutions, and systems to top brands in the ICT industry worldwide. In recent years, with robust R&D and technological innovation capabilities, Wistron undergoes growth boost that is driven by diversified product development. Apart from portable computers, desktops, servers and enterprise storage devices, professional display products, communication devices, and after-sales services, Wistron embodies the cloud development trend by integrating software and hardware to provide technological service platform and solutions. Such efforts cover the educational and corporate services, IoT, and medical services. Meanwhile, the technological aspect encompasses 5G, AI, metaverse-related applications, electric vehicles and Industry 4.0 automation. All of which are part and parcel of Wistron's fulfillment of its vision of “Sustainability Through Innovation.”

Wistron Corporation