Technology Leadership
Sustainability Through Innovation

Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies to Create Value for Sustainable Development 


Spearheading Progress Through Continuous Innovation 

Wistron is continually investing in cutting-edge technology R&D to ensure its leading position in the arena of innovation competition. Our patent technology landscape spans emerging technologies such as healthcare, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0, and autonomous and electric vehicles. With a comprehensive and competitive patent portfolio, we protect all the technologies, designs, and inventions we develop, and safeguard the interests of our customers and suppliers. The overall quality and value of Wistron's patents has continuously increased every year. 


Furthermore, we encourage employees to invent and create new solutions through team R&D competitions, target-oriented brainstorming projects, invention proposal reviews, and big data analysis of patents, among other initiatives. We actively cultivate both internal and external R&D teams and technologies, shaping a culture of innovation within the company. 


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Sustainability Commitment 

As the world moves towards the future, technological advancements will play a crucial role. However, we are also acutely aware that we have the responsibility to ensure that technological progress does not come at the expense of environmental degradation. Both innovation and sustainability are equally significant, with innovation driving sustainable development and sustainability becoming a critical factor in our R&D of new technologies. 


Through product design, we not only incorporate various recycled materials into our processes to manufacture green electronic products, but also effectively recycle discarded electronic products. By turning recycled materials into eco-friendly products, we not only reduce the consumption of raw materials, but also minimize electronic waste, thus ensuring the sustainable utilization of resources and establishing a green circular business model. 


Wistron will continue to work hand in hand with partners to develop advanced technologies while minimizing ecological impact. Our aim is to build a cleaner environment, promote balance and harmony between humans and nature, and realize sustainability through innovation. 


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