Technology Leadership

Leader in Technology Services

Wistron provides comprehensive technology services, encompassing the R&D, design, manufacturing, and after-sales services of information and communication products, thoroughly covering the entire lifecycle of technological products. Embracing the digital transformation and AI, Wistron engages in smart R&D and manufacturing, while digitally empowering functions such as sales, R&D, supply chain, procurement, human resources, finance, legal, and general affairs, thus enhancing its core competitiveness through AI. Thanks to their digital transformation, Wistron's Kunshan and Zhongshan Plants received the World Economic Forum's Lighthouse Factory certification. In addition, their R&D and manufacturing of smart solutions have been honored with the Harvard Business Review and SAP Transformation Awards, establishing them as recognized green model factories. To date, our ongoing commitment involves reducing energy consumption and waste, as well as advancing the application of renewable energy, thereby maximizing the benefits of a circular economy for global customers. Wistron excels in providing R&D, design, manufacturing, and after-sales services with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, our customers worldwide can leverage our operational presence across the globe, thanks to our strategic layout, and fully utilize our rich experience and adaptability to changes in global markets and supply chains to enable the swift and reliable introduction of various new technological products to the market. With the goal of being a trusted partner in sustainable technological innovation, Wistron has, over the past several years, not only consistently expanded investments in cutting-edge technology R&D, but also fostered an innovative corporate culture. This culture encourages team-based R&D competitions, curation, goal-oriented brainstorming projects, invention proposal reviews/seminars, and activities such as patent big data/technology trend analysis. Actively cultivating internal and external R&D teams and technologies, Wistron has secured patents in numerous major economies worldwide, demonstrating its global ambition. Thanks to its overall high-level performance, Wistron has been consecutively selected as one of the Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators in recent years.