Technology Leadership
Artificial Intelligence

A New Paradigm of Smart Excellence


Enhancing Core Competitiveness with AI to Usher in a New Era of Opportunities for the Industry 

As the AI era unfolds, AI has become a crucial element driving the next wave of transformation and upgrades across various business domains. With a strong focus on leveraging AI, Wistron has been able to enhance its core competitiveness and revolutionize its traditional operation methods, gradually itself into a paradigm of smart excellence. 

From Design, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain to ESG

Wistron, utilizing smart analytics for early fault prediction and root cause elimination, and applying artificial intelligence to optimize energy strategies and achieve governance in supply chain ecosystems and other ESG-related aspects, has accumulated a wealth of valuable AI use cases. These practices, numbering in the hundreds, not only significantly contribute to the company's operations, but also improve traditional methods, reducing manpower and environmental costs, positively impacting sustainable development and operations. 

Keeping Pace with the Times, Making AI an Integral Part of Wistron's DNA 

Wistron has established a strong foundation in AI technology and talent. Technical skills are fostered through a variety of AI courses, available to all employees from upper management to coworkers in various fields, thus integrating AI into the company's culture. Wistron further strengthens digital empowerment by consolidating internal enterprise system architecture, implementing data governance, upgrading cloud ERP systems, and establishing the 'Digital Talent Empowerment Academy.' This internal initiative encourages employees to harness emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their digital capabilities. 

Heading Towards the Next Peak of Transformation 

As Wistron continues to advance in the realm of AI, we adopt forward-thinking perspectives and visions to continually optimize customer service, employee well-being, and corporate governance, promoting sustainable development. Wistron is poised to play a leading role in the next generation of the technology service industry, forging ahead through innovation.