About Wistron

Altruism in sustainable development is the key to achieving corporate excellence


For a long time, Wistron has adhered to the operating philosophy of "altruism," integrating the concept of mutual benefit and striving for equilibrium in engagements with diverse stakeholders. Not only has it established trusting partnerships with customers and suppliers, but also extended this philosophy to the environmental and social aspects.


As a firm believer in sustainable business practices, Wistron has established a Corporate Sustainability Office to work with customers in realizing ESG concepts. It collaborates with suppliers to establish common indicators to promote carbon reduction, actively responding to the Paris Agreement and striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, gradually implementing "net-zero actions."


To promote the balance and harmony between humanity and nature, the Wistron Foundation collaborates with partners who share similar ideals, initiating diverse and long-term project collaborations in humanitarian care and environmental conservation, strengthening environmental and ecological protection, and enhancing humanistic values.


At the same time, Wistron values social inclusiveness, is committed to talent cultivation, promotes employees' career development, and provides care and support, thus ensuring mutual prosperity.


Every beginning originates from the heart.

Wistron adheres to a corporate management policy of sincerity, enthusiasm, humility, and altruism.