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Wistron believes that entrepreneurship brings positive and impactful effects to human society, injecting energy into economic development and technological progress, thus driving industrial transformation. Recognizing entrepreneurship as a challenging and risky journey and that the success of a startup cannot be achieved without support, Wistron actively collaborates with various partners in the startup ecosystem. This includes working with the Epoch Foundation to nurture future entrepreneurial talents, jointly planning the Wistron Lab @ Garage+ Incubator, and partnering with AppWorks to establish the Wistron Accelerator, providing entrepreneurs with fields, communities, funding, and other resources to foster a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Epoch Foundation/Garage+ Incubator: Exchanges between industry and entrepreneurship are fueling the drive for innovation 

Wistron has long supported the Epoch Foundation, which aims to facilitate Taiwan’s domestic industry growth while promoting regional economic prosperity., devoting to collaborations between the industry and the academia across the globe, talent education, and startups incubation.. Through the Epoch School's " Young Entrepreneurs of the Future" and " International Professionals Internship Program", young entrepreneurs are equipped with entrepreneurial thinking, business model construction, presentation skills, team communication, and other skills before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. Over the past twenty years, more than 3,000 alumni have been nurtured, with alumni traveling worldwide and serving as senior executives in domestic and international companies, creating more than 80 startups. These are the most important talent development programs domestically and internationally. In addition, through the establishment of the Garage+ startup accelerator, these programs have operated an internationally renowned entrepreneurial community with the vision of "supports altruism-driven technology start-ups to better the world." 

In December 2020, the Wistron-sponsored incubator Wistron Lab @ Garage+ was officially launched, providing abundant resources such as team residencies, workshops, innovation lectures, and interdisciplinary exchanges. This has facilitated dialogs between startups and enterprises, infusing Taiwanese society with diverse and innovative energy. In 2023, under the management of the Epoch Foundation, Wistron Lab hosted a total of 810 entrepreneurship exchange activities, including 483 business networking meetings, 87 mentor consultations, 170 entrepreneurship workshops, 42 exchange events, and 28 media activities.

For more information, please visit the website of Epoch Garage+




Wistron Accelerator: Collaborate. Innovate. Accelerate.

In 2021, Wistron launched the Wistron Accelerator Program with AppWorks, a leading launchpad for bold and ambitious entrepreneurs targeting Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA). The Wistron Accelerator is operated by AppWorks and provides startup acceleration with the support of various business units from Wistron Group and its affiliates.

Wistron Group, with its rich experience, talent, and resources in AI, IoT, cloud, cyber security, education, and healthcare, offers startups the opportunity to validate their products within real enterprise fields. Furthermore, through close interactions during the program, startups and mentors brainstorm ideas and learn from each other in market dynamics, business models, and regulatory compliance.


With the initiative to contribute to society and foster an innovative ecosystem, Wistron Accelerator aims to expedite the entry of entrepreneurial talents into the global market while propelling Wistron to greater innovation.


Since 2021, Wistron Accelerator has accumulated experience in collaboration between enterprises and startups and is proud of seeing entrepreneurs from different countries and industries join this ecosystem. Wistron Group values these long-term partnerships and looks forward to embracing future innovation.

For more information, please visit the website of Wistron Accelerator.


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