Wistron Builds Factory Digital Twins with NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA Omniverse to Accelerate NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Production


(TAIPEI, TAIWAN) 3 June, 2024– Wistron today announced it is adopting NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA Omniverse technologies to expedite NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell product lines, enhance production quality and efficiency, and deliver superior value to customers. As an NVIDIA-Certified System provider, Wistron offers servers that also support NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.


Innovating Next-Generation Product Testing Facilities

At NVIDIA GTC, Wistron showcased how it is building digital twins of NVIDIA DGX and NVIDIA HGX factories in NVIDIA Omniverse, a development platform for connecting and developing OpenUSD-based 3D tools and applications. Now, Wistron is expanding its adoption of NVIDIA Omniverse and AI to optimize a new burn-in room dedicated to the rapid iteration of AI server products. Utilizing NVIDIA Modulus, a physics-machine learning model framework, it has implemented a heat flow simulator capable of predicting future production scenarios, thereby accelerating the production of the new NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell product line.


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology is crucial for enhancing the production quality and energy efficiency of smart factories. To support the introduction of the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell product line, Wistron has employed CFD heat flow simulation tools like OpenFOAM, accelerated by NVIDIA Modulus, to model heat convection conditions, including airflow, temperature, and pressure in the new run-in room to optimize the air conditioning system layout.


Wistron has collaborated with NVIDIA to develop a heat flow simulator based on physics-informed AI, capable of completing inferential evaluations of nearly 100 run-in room layouts for the new NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell products in just one minute. This represents significant performance and energy-efficiency improvements over traditional CFD approaches, which require 395 hours to perform calculations on a CPU. This technical collaboration has drastically reduced the end-to-end workflow, enabling Wistron to more quickly respond to the rapid iteration of AI server products and help ensure that new products can move from development to mass production in sync with market demand.


DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Breakthrough in Early Stage Design

The NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell accelerator demands exceptional precision in the assembly process, particularly in three-dimensional liquid-cooling pipeline assembly and module design. This introduces unprecedented challenges to the assembly process, where any errors could result in damage to the entire product set.


Wistron leverages custom applications developed on Omniverse to validate the 3D design of process components and fixtures during the early stages of the assembly process, minimizing potential interference issues and accelerating development. Simultaneously, NVIDIA Isaac Sim is used to simulate the dynamic assembly process, verifying the overall design rationality of fixtures, CCD, robot arms, and motion paths, thereby enhancing design quality.


NVIDIA Omniverse integrates with Microsoft Power BI to enable flexible factory management

In the competitive modern manufacturing environment, factories require flexible solutions that provide immediate visibility into key metrics. By integrating NVIDIA Omniverse with Microsoft Power BI, essential information can be accessed instantly, helping management quickly identify bottlenecks and enabling engineers to address issues promptly.


NVIDIA Omniverse can be accessed anytime and anywhere via a web interface, allowing Wistron managers to oversee factory operations remotely using a digital dashboard display. This flexibility significantly enhances the factory's operational efficiency and response speed, enabling management to proactively tackle production challenges.


The OneAI platform enhances global production quality

In Wistron's digital transformation journey, the OneAI platform serves as the company's image-based artificial intelligence solution. Utilizing the NVIDIA Metropolis vision AI technology, the OneAI platform has been successfully implemented in the automated optical inspection (AOI) and automated x-ray inspection (AXI) systems of over 150 workstations across SMT and DIP production lines worldwide. With a high component coverage exceeding 90%, the platform assists global production lines in optimizing the visual inspection of various products, helping each factory achieve the high-quality goal of zero customer complaints. The global deployment of the OneAI platform highlights Wistron's significant accomplishments in digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing.


Wistron adapts to swift market shifts through technological innovation and digital transformation, constantly enhancing its competitiveness. Moving forward, Wistron aims to further strengthen its collaboration with NVIDIA in using NVIDIA Omniverse and AI technology to expand the application scope of smart manufacturing and smart design. This pursuit aims to attain higher quality and efficiency while delivering exceptional customer service.

Wistron is set to present a session titled "Building Future Factories with Digital Twins" at the NVIDIA AI Summit on June 5th (Wednesday) at 9:45 am Taipei Standard time. Experts from all fields are invited to join and offer their insights. For further details, please visit the following link: https://register.nvidia.com/events/widget/nvidia/aisummittaiwan/catalogtw?_gl=1*1ssdrij*_gcl_au*MzUxMzI2NjYxLjE3MTA4NDA5MjI.