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Personal Computing

From Core Competencies to Sustainable Development

Personal computing products serve as the cradle of Wistron's business and constitute one of our core operations. With digital transformation and AI as the operational backbone, Wistron combines its rich experience with global supply chain management capabilities. From design and development to manufacturing and after-sales service, we are committed to becoming a comprehensive one-stop integrated service for sustainable operations, delivering high-quality and superior-performance personal computing products to customers quickly. Computers are already a mature product category, but for us, computers still have potential for innovation. This includes further enhancing the shell design, using post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in production, and integrating computers into AI applications, all in the hope of heralding a new era for computers.


As a leading global provider of design and manufacturing technology services, Wistron serves customers who are world-renowned laptop brands.


Desktops & Mini PCs

From gaming desktops to small personal computers, Wistron offers a flexible and versatile range of computer terminal products.




All-in-one computers offer convenient and efficient user experience tailored to meet various application needs in different scenarios.




Our dock stations offer multiple ports, high-speed data transmission, and user-friendly design, assisting users in enhancing work efficiency and improving work comfort.