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Leading the Way into a New Era

Wistron is dedicated to driving the next generation of server and networking advancements, developing high-performance, highly scalable, highly energy-efficient, and cost-effective technological products to support our customers for the next era. Wistron’s R&D and manufacturing teams bring industry-leading experience in AI servers, general purpose servers, and network switches, among many other high-tech, high-precision integrated technologies.



AI Server 

As a world leader in AI baseboard and GPU platform manufacturing, AI servers are at the core of our business. Because of our rich experience and integration expertise, we have become the most reliable partner for our clients.




Wistron server products and services span the entire lifecycle, offering users computational processing, applications, database management, file storage processing, and communication services in network and cloud environments. 



Networking Switch

Wistron provides network switches with bandwidths ranging from 1G to over 800G, and is actively developing advanced optoelectronic co-packaging technologies to provide outstanding and secure network solutions for enterprises and data centers.