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Embracing Cradle-to-Cradle in The Circular Economy

Wistron integrates circular economy concepts into the product R&D stage by promoting modular designs, increasing the use of low-carbon or recycled materials, conducting life cycle assessments, and offering localized repair services globally to ensure that faulty electronic products can be repaired, reused, or properly recycled. By guiding its supply chain to produce eco-friendly products using low-carbon recycled materials, Wistron promotes sustainable resource utilization, creating a green circular business model.

After-sales services

Wistron has established service centers worldwide, enabling efficient data and process automation and smartization through global dynamic information, end-to-end optimization, human-machine smart collaboration, and smart decision support, thereby achieving smart management.

Our expertise in product repair and diagnostic analysis allows us to collect valuable data and further develop technical capabilities, which we then utilize in our new product R&D and manufacturing. This allows us to optimize product innovation and improve quality.

Our management platform and after-sales service supply chain work hand in hand with customers to jointly pursue the goals of a circular economy and sustainable development.


Green Recycling

Wistron maximizes the benefits of the circular economy for brand customers by not only manufacturing green electronic products but also effectively recycling discarded electronic products. In addition, we repurpose recycled materials into eco-friendly products, ensuring the sustainable utilization of resources and establishing a green circular business model.

The application of recycled materials in the Green Recycling business has extended from displays, desktop computers, and televisions to routers, servers, mice, keyboards, fans, and beyond, spanning the information and communication, medical, and aerospace industries.。

In 2022, Wistron collaborated with customers to introduce 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials into laptop products, recycled aluminum into commercial models, and 12% recycled steel into desktop computers. Furthermore, expanding the application of recycled metals is another innovative focus.

The Green Recycling business focuses on the recycling of electronic waste and refining recycled plastics, promoting the use of PCR materials across various product categories for customers, thus further expanding Wistron's influence on green products.

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